Potluck Mission July 20 + The Trials & Exhilarations of Starting A Small Farm


Stoked for our first potluck in Mission, BC at Ferndale Farms! Thank you to Taylor McPherson for hosting on his farm and Alyssa Belter for lighting the Young Agrarians event fire in the area!!! This is an all ages event:)

Date has been changed to: Saturday, July 20, 2013
4pm Farm Tour
5pm Potluck

There will be a BBQ
Bring something to grill
Bring something to share potluck styles
Bring tools to eat with

If you want to camp overnight please bring what you need to make it happen:)

Address: 34219 Laxton Avenue Mission BC

To join the event on Facebook click here.

Check out Taylor McPherson’s recent article below reprinted from Footprint Press

Photos by Taylor McPherson

Taylor McPherson article

2 Responses to “Potluck Mission July 20 + The Trials & Exhilarations of Starting A Small Farm”
  1. katepetrusa says:

    Hi Taylor:

    How did you actually afford the start up costs of starting your farm? I feel like it’s something we don’t talk about, but is a huge barrier for lots of us. How did you afford the cold frames in 2012? Are you in debt? I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but this is information I’d like to have as someone who is just starting out this next growing season.

    Yours warmly,


  2. mattsongrif says:

    Reblogged this on The Organic Apprentice and commented:
    Some fantastic insight into the difficulties of starting a small farm operation.

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