What is a Young Agrarian?

A new entrant into agriculture.

Someone from the country to the city who values food, farming, nature and community.

Who are the Young Agrarians?

Young Agrarians is a grassroots initiative made up of agriculturalists and media conspirators intent on growing food sustainably. Inspired by The Greenhorns to build a network Canada-side to celebrate, connect and recruit young farmers – the Young Agrarians are the movers and shakers of a new agrarians movement: young agriculturalists, farmers, urban farmers, market and community gardeners, community groups and academics, organizations and the public who want to ecologically rebuild, promote and inspire the agriculture of our country. We are using the power of media and the internet, and bringing people together in real time- to build community and grow ‘good, clean, and fair’ food.

Why do we need Young Agrarians?

•        Canada’s farming population is shrinking, reaching a historic low in 2006, according to Statistics Canada figures. While one in three (33%) Canadians used to live on a farm in 1931, that number plummeted to one in 46 (less than 2%).

•        Population of Canada 33,739,900, # of farmers in Canada 684,260 or 327,055 farm operators (less than 2% of total population)

•        Stats Canada average age of Farmers in 2011 = 55

•        $20,000 average yearly net loss for farmers in Canada

•        1 in every 2 farmers under 55 report that off farm employment is their main source of income

•        Land-use changes and fossil fuel burning are the two major sources of the increased CO2 in the atmosphere that is changing the global climate. Overall, land use and land-use changes account for some 31 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.

•      Livestock now account for 50 percent of emissions from agriculture and land-use change

•      In British Columbia, according to the Fraser Basin Council’s 2010 Sustainability Snapshot, more than 50% of farmers are aged 59 and up with less than 5% 34 and younger.

What Guides Us:

Agriculture, Agro-Ecology, Agrarianism, Capacity Building, Celebration, Collaboration, Community, Crowdsourcing, Diversity, Ecology, Education, Food, Food Sovereignty, Inclusion, Indigenous Rights, Inspiration, Land-Access, Mapping, Migrant Workers Rights, Mentorship, Networks, Participatory Frameworks, Partnerships, Start-up Financing, Sustainability, Transparency

What does Young Agrarians (YA) do?

YA is both an on-line and off-line community building project.

YA is building an online network to engage young farmers, would be farmers and the public in the reshaping of our food system.  It includes:  a young farmers blog and farmer resources, and will soon include a digital resource map centralizing farmer and sustainable agriculture resources to support the next generation of food producers! Contact us to participate in our survey: theyoungagrarians@gmail.com.

Help us build the real time network!  We’re hosting potlucks regularly on different farms and figuring out fun ways to get people together to skills share and do things like ‘weed date‘. YA is looking for collaborators!  Are you doing great stuff in your community already around local food and farming?  Get in touch!

FarmFolk CityFolk

Young Agrarians is happy to partner with FarmFolk CityFolk!

FarmFolk CityFolk (FFCF) is a not for profit society that works to cultivate a local, sustainable food system.  Since October 1993, FFCF has been supporting community-based food systems by engaging in public education with farm and city folks; actively organizing and advocating around local, timely issues; building alliances with other organizations; and harnessing the energy of volunteers.  FFCF’s current projects include: the BC Biomass Trader, Community Farms, Get Local, Grain Chain, Microloan Program, Shared Harvest BC and Young Agrarians.


2 Responses to “About”
  1. Jenny says:

    This is a great looking organization! We just started our farm in Alberta 3 years ago. I’m just wondering if there is similar activity going on in Alberta. We all seem very isolated in our activities.

    • dentsara says:

      Hi Jenny – thanks for writing! I think that farmon.com is working the Alberta front:) We plan to go national in the next year or two, at least with our mapping project and hopefully community events! Let us know if you are up for potentially hosting a potluck. Check out our events section to see what we have been up to BC side. Sara Dent

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