We need young people to reinvigorate Canada’s food system! Our climate and future are in our hands! 

Act now:

  1. Fertilize the network:  Facebook Twitter FLIKR, sign-up for e-news. Please join in and spread the word!
  2. Are you a young farmer, food grower or foodie?  Become a BLOG contributor: plant your stories, cultivate your ideas, share your successes, challenges and creative ingenuity.  Contact:
  3. Dig deep and collaborate: help grow the growers, move the movement- be an associate, form a hub, host a potluck, coordinate YA events in your town (party!), recruit an army of young agrarians, take back our farms, take back our food system, cultivate the love, GROW FOOD!

    We’re growing Young Agrarians by:

  1. Growing the network to connect, promote, harness, share and recruit
  2. Building an online tool shed to research, compile, map the movement, and educate ourselves about what resources are out there
  3. Moving the movement to organize, facilitate, build capacity, disseminate, advocate, affect policy and have a blast!

What? Young Agrarians is a Canadian grassroots initiative made up of farmers, food activists, community organizers, food lovers, balcony and community gardeners, artists, musicians, and more. Our mission is to inspire and connect the next generation of food growing people across Canada.

Why?  You know it… and lots of Canadians are realizing it!  We need a diverse, decentralized, ecologically sound, sovereign, stellar food system for many good, sensible reasons: the health and safety of Canadians; the resiliency and cohesion of our communities; to create sustainable jobs and strengthen local economies; to connect people back to the land and nature; to reduce our dependence on the fossil-fueled, globalized, industrial-food-complex, and, quite simply, because it tastes really good!

But our farming population is on average shrinking- getting older and struggling. In 1913, one in three Canadians lived on farms.  By 2011 that number is less than one in fifty and… to boot, the average age of Canadian farmers had risen to 55 and half reported off-farm employment as the main source of income.  In British Columbia alone, over 50% of farmers are 59 and up with less than 5% 34 and under.

A local food movement is sweeping our vast geographies.  Our farmers’ markets are bustling, local food is trendy, and growing food has a new unprecedented level of sex appeal as food stories take root in the mainstream.  A clear shift in awareness is happening and we want to leverage it into action. We need thousands more hands to grow our local food economies and build resilience for a time beyond our fossil fuel dependency.

“How is it possible that there is such an uprising of people who are passionate and enthusiastic and inspired by the new food movement and yet so few whose hands are actually in the soil doing the work? The real shift we need cannot take place when only two percent of us are doing the work to grow the food for the rest… In the end there is not so much a food crisis as there is a crisis in participation.”  Michael Ableman, farmer, author, photographer


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