We all want it. For those of us farming it, there is often a good story as to how we got there. And for many new farmers, access to land is a big hurtle to overcome. If your leasing, you need a solid agreement with a land owner that understands farming- and a commitment to making it work.

Young Agrarians is developing tools to support new entrants to get onto land. So far, we are working on a series of land linking workshops, we’ve produced a land access guide, and we’ve partnered with UBC Land & Food Systems to get the word out about what the demand is for farmland. To read more about the Survey and why its important please click here, and to go fill it out – which we would SO LOVE IT if you would, click here!

Land Linking Events

Young Agrarians is working with three community partners to develop a Land Linking event series in three rural BC communities in November 2013:

November 9th Armstrong: Afternoon workshop, dinner potluck and evening dance party at The Odd Fellow’s Hall, in partnership with the Young Agrarians South Interior Hub!

November 16th Creston: Afternoon workshop at Know & Grow Community Farm, Evening Potluck and Music at the Snoring Sasquatch, in partnership with Know & Grow Community Farm

November 23rd Vancouver Island location TBA, in partnership with Linking Land and Farmers

Land Access Guide

Check out our first publication (ever) available here for download:

The B.C. Land Access Guide provides a framework for new farmers looking to explore options for how to get on land.

If you are a land owner wanting to get a better understanding of what a farmer would need to work your land, this guide is helpful.

If you are an established farmer looking to negotiate a land access agreement, appendix B can support process.

If you are actively looking for land, here are two growing Canadian databases focused on linking food growers to land:

FarmLink – FarmLINK’s MatchMaker tool brings together new farmers who are looking for land or mentorship with farm owners who have land available or expertise to share.

Land Share – Landshare Canada brings together people who have a passion for home-grown food, connecting those who have land to share with those who need land for cultivating food. Landshare UK is a success story that has over 70,000 members looking to find and offer land.

Join the movement and grow new farmers and food growers in Canada by supporting land access for food production!

Feedback / ideas / comments / resources:

Land Access Guide

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