Agroforestry Project at UBC

Call for collaborators- UBC Farm Agroforestry Project  UBC Farm, in consultation with industry partners, and UBC Faculties of Forestry and Land and Food Systems will develop an Agroforestry Production Development (APD) Tool to aid farmers/land managers in assessing the viability of specific agroforestry ventures. The tool will help determine what ventures are likely to be … Continue reading

Building a Seed Saving Legacy

By Alicia Baddorf 9/10 of the bites we take start with seed. The range of seed diversity that exists is breathtaking, but consider this: over the past 80 years, we have lost 93% of variety in our food seeds. At the BCSeed Gathering in Richmond this November, a group of seed activists, farmers and concerned citizens … Continue reading

16 Going On Farmer

When it comes to young agrarians, I’m one of the younger ones. Sixteen, going on seventeen in the depths of winter, dreaming about summer harvests: vivacious ruby streaks and bursting blueberries, gentle butter lettuces and glowing golden peaches. Farming is my passion. I got my start at the UBC Farm & Centre for Sustainable Food … Continue reading

July UBC Farm Potluck

We’re collaborating with Vancouver Urban Farming Society and UBC Farm to offer the next monthly Young Agrarians Potluck (that’s you!) to gather folk from far and wide! Please bring a food dish to share Plate/bowl + cutlery to eat with We can’t wait to see you and enjoy the beauty of UBC Farm!Directions: The Wesbrook … Continue reading